You can not play better than Jerry. His solos are so beautiful that musicians always fighting to avoid playing the solo after him. I played with Jerry at “We Love Jazz” Festival 2007  (Italy). It was an amazing experience. ( Read about Jerry Weldon on Wikipedia )

We play together with Maurizio Pugno band. Actually this guy is able to play with such big volume that even a guitar player with a Fender Amp have to fight hard with him. He’s able to play all the stupid and funny things you can imagine to perform with a saxophone, but also great phrases and serious music. A showman, a great musician and very nice person. ( Read about Sax Gordon on All Music )

“Slim” has been the first American artist I played with twenty years ago. We met a few years later in Los Angeles for the Alex Schultz recording session and in Italy, for a new tour. Composer, singer, and harpist he recorded/played with , Frank Kaplan, Richard Innes, Junior Watson, James Cotton, Bo Diddley, to name a few. Lynwood has passed away on 2014 ( Read about Lynwood Slim on Wikipedia )

Having been blessed with the chance to tour and share the stage with this wonderful man was my real initiation to the blues. Huge heart, greasy, heavy voice short of an entertaining story to tell: he was the blues. Finis played with John Lee Hooker and Freddie King. He has passed away on 2014. ( Read about Finis Tasby on Wikipedia )

Singer, pianist, composer, Mitch is able to enchant the audience with class and elegancy, without recourse to any trivial and gross trick. Among his skilles there is certainly a great sense of humor and rhythm. To play with him is a pleasure and funny ( Read about Mitch Woods on Wikipedia )

Mark has the most powerful voice I’ve ever heard. He also has an incredible sense of humor, which makes him a perfect showman. We play together with Maurizio Pugno, Lucio Villani, Alberto Marsico e Stefano Lenci. We also recorded a new CD with Sugar Ray Norcia, which has be released at the end of 2009.   ( Read about Mark Du Fresne on his web site )

Oh this guy is an incredible guitar player. We play together in Germany, Austria and France, during his european tour, with great bass player Rodrigo Mantovani and wonderful sax player Thomas Feldmann. Then I have to say that Igor also has a beautiful voice, and I can not tell you what he does better, play guitar or sing !  ( Read about Igor Prado on his web site )