Here’s the “frequently asked questions” section, . Feel free to contact me if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for. I’ll reply within 24hrs.

Your Budget

– Is it expensive?

No, making a new website is not that expensive. It all depends by the number of pages, features and the preliminary work with the editing. In general there’s not a fixed price. I’ll rather prefer to discuss your needs and prepare a quote. No obligation, of course. 

– Should I pay in advance?

No. Just a small deposit, and the rest when the work is finished. I trust in honesty.

– What if I save money making it by myself with WordPress or Wix or things like that ?

Yes, you can, but you’ll miss the opportunity to get something exclusively designed for you. Beside this, take account of the endless hours you have to dedicate to accomplish the job. WordPress might be easy, but dealing with plugins or connecting web resources might be not. Believe me. 

– What if I ask to an Agency, so they can do an excellent job?

This is probably the best choice, and they will do an excellent job. Probably it will be much more expensive. Have a go, and let me know.  

– Should I  buy a domain?

Yes, unless you already have one (i.e. www.yournameorwhatever.com). You will also need a Hosting Plan (unless bla bla)  in order to place your site somewhere, with all the necessary technical support. You can buy both by the same agency and  the cost might be between 20 and 70 USD per year. Netsons.com, an Italian agency, offers an excellent and affordable service. However, I’ll assist you in completing the procedure. There are other services such as Godaddy.com and Register.com.

Your Skills

– Can I really update the site by myself?

Most part, yes.  You’ll be able to post News, update your Bio or other text, change your Videos or Recordings and add or delete  Photos. Technically, you can change everything, even some technical parameters or settings, but if you don’t understand where to put your hands, you might do a disaster. So, I strongly recommend to watch my video tutorials. It will be easy and safe as long as you understand the difference between “DO” and “DON’T” 🙂

– Beside tutorials, can you assist me? I’m not that great with computers

Yes, of course. 

– Should I open an account on Soundcloud, Box, You Tube and so on ?

Not necessarily but it’s a good idea.The good news is that it’s totally free of charge. I will also teach you how to correctly use these web resources, as mentioned in “Tour” page. 

Website Features

– Can you make it responsive, for mobile devices?

Yes. Take account that a Mobile version and  Laptop/Desktop version will be a little different, give the different size and shape of the screen. Very often, the mobile version is a “simplified version” and animations might not work properly. For example, a photo slider is not suitable for smartphones, but has a great effect on a laptop. 

– Can I manage a NewsLetter through my website?

Yes, you can easily collect emails and subscribers by a NewsLetter form, or by connecting your site with Mail Chimp. There’s a video tutorial ready for you. By using Mailchimp you’ll be able to send eye-catching emails to your subscribers. The basic plan is free of charge.

– Can I sell my music through the website?

Yes, we can set a little online store. However, you can easily sell your music by Soundcloud or other  sites such as Bandcamp, Spotify or even Amazon. My suggestion is to create a link between these services and your website. You might consider to contact a distribution service such as imusician.pro


– Can you show me any website you’ve already done?

Of course. See “Portfolio” section. 

– What other services can you offer?

Sometimes I work as a Social Media Manager, helping musicians in getting more followers by teaching them how to use tools such as YouTube Studio, Facebook insight or suggesting some particular procedures. Beside this,  I’m a musician and a music arranger. Please visit www.giorossi.com for further information. 

Glossary & Bestiary

– Again, the difference between a domain and a hosting is… 

Domani is the NAME of your site, for example www.yourdomain.org, and you need to buy one by an agency. You can buy it with different extensions such as .com or .org or .net or whatever. A Hosting plan is a VIRTUAL PLACE where your files are stored and where is possible to install any plug in or software, such as WordPress.

– What is Mailchimp for?

It’s a service, with a free basic plan, by the one you can collect emails from your fans and send eye-catching emails. You can connect it to your website. I’ll do the job, do not worry.  www.mailchimp.com

– What is Soundcloud for?

It’s a service by the one you can upload your audio tracks, with the cover, and then easily share them on your Social accounts on or your website. www.soundcloud.com

– I know Youtube. What is Vimeo?

Same thing, but with different features and options. Beside this, Vimeo is “no ads” oriented, but you need to open a paid account. There’s also a free account but with some limitations. I actually love Vimeo and you can easily share your videos on your website. www.vimeo.com

– What is Box for?

Box.net is a storage service, by the one you can upload or share your media files, docs and whatever. A sort of “hard disk” on line. There’s also Mega.nz, which I actually prefer, cause you can upload bigger files. Both have a free plan