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I’m a professional musician, a drummer, a composer and music arranger. I spent most of my life playing music all around the world. Even if I come from Jazz music, in particular Big Bands and large ensembles, I love to listen and learn any possible music style, which perfectly match with my great passion: travelling!

The Jazz & Blues Drummer

However, I have dedicated most part of my career in the field of Jazz and Blues music, playing with great musicians such as Joey De Francesco, Jesse Davis, Sugar Ray Norcia, Mz Dee, Alex Schultz and collaborating with great band like Maurizio Pugno Band, Alberto Marsico Organ Logistics, Laura Fedele trio and Enrico Crivellaro trio. I also was part of lo-fi band Blend, learning a lot about the world of alternative music. I used to travel a lot, performing in Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sydney, Singapore, Kuala Lampur and many other cities, participating in many Festivals such as North Sea Jazz Festival, Manly blues Festival, Ascona Jazz, Cognac Blues festival, to name a few. 

The Cruises

It was after joining the world of cruises that I had the chance to visit exotic places like the Caribbean, Alaska, Greenland, Hawaii, Mexico, South America, Amazon River, Iceland, Canada, Capo Verde, New Zealand and many other wonderful Countries, and at the same time gaining important experiences playing with wonderful musicians from all around the world. It’s still my job, even if the world, at the moment, seems to have taken a big pause.

Composer, writer and more..

In the meantime, I finally published my first solo Album, You Mad. It’s all about songs and lyrics, and there’s not even a single instrumental solo included. Just music, stories and a big sound. Other projects are on their ways, including a contemporary jazz album and some music methods . By the way, I have written two books about my experiences on board, which you can find (and buy) online.

The Blog

I use to write down stories, telling my experiences and trying to compare my culture with other people’s one. The blog has two sections: one for Italians and one for International audience. Differently from a Social, comments are not permitted. If you like what I write, then read it, otherwise simply don’t. I’m not a “like” collector, not anymore. But you can write me, by email, and ask questions.

Thanks for reading my story, feel free to contact me for any reason, or join my newsletter in order to get updating about my projects and initiatives. Enjoy the tour.

Gio Rossi