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Gio Rossi Features

Gio Rossi photoI was born in 1966, I started to play drums at the age of 5 (maybe before) and I've been  studying music for all my life. Although music is my main passion (and my job) I like the arts in general : photography, cinema, literature and I spend hours watching the  Caravaggio, Bosch and Turner's masterpieces or (why not) reading nice comics like Asterix and Walt Disney.

So normally I spend the day listening to good music, writing new compositions, making music arrangements , hoping someone to notice my work. In few words : an artist.

Music, arts and educational projects

I  believe that artists are very important for our society. Our mission is to create the beauty, to elevate people’s soul and give an important contribute to a better society. For this reason I often make cultural and educational project, trying to compose and play good music, as creative as I can,  bringing some fresh air and new ideas amongst the young generations.

Politics and society

I hate politicians. They spoiled our society, with their stupid and incomprehensible inability to imagine a future that is not based on money and profit. Money should be the way to create things. Things for everybody.  For politicians, things are the way to make money, and I’ll always fight against such stupid  idea. 
So I don't agree with people who still talk about old antiquated concepts like "left” or “right". I have the presumption to consider myself an intelligent person and I give my support only to people who do intelligent things. I have great admiration for Gino Strada and his  unforgettable wife Teresa, (the founders of Emergency),  Margherita Hack, Beppe Grillo, Gherardo Colombo, Claudio Abbado and all the people which are active in their own field with the same aim : educate young generations to a better future.
These are the Italians who should be on the front page of newspapers every day. These are the Italians who make me proud to be what I am : an Italian artist.

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