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Gio Rossi Features

music skills volumeLooking for an experienced musician ? Need special skills in a particular musical style ? Please take note about what I can do for you :


  • Many experiences with large ensemble, big band and horns section.

I've a Master in "composing and arrranging for Big Band" and I spent most of my career playing with large ensembles. 

  • Many different music styles

I use to play Jazz and Blues, but I feel comfortable even playing Country, Bluegrass, Brazilian music, Rock, Pop & Commercial,  Rock & Roll, Marching Band, New Orleans Style, since I had to play with many artists, facing any crazy idea you can imagine. I can also play Latin music, which I love, even if I'm honestly not a deep connoisseur ( Wait : so far, ok ? We'll see in the future )

  • Sight-Reading

No problem with music charts, whatever the arranger wrote down on it.  I spent the last two years playing on a cruise in the production show or with guest enterteiners. No problems at all ! 

  • Metronome & Click

Playing with the click doesn't make me uncomfortable, even if the click change the speed, like in a theatrical play

  • Recording studio 

I feel very comfortable in a recording studio, and I can do a quick and accurate job. I also own a vintage Rogers drums (1964) for a warm blues sound or a big band, and a versatile Volume Drums, which is suitable for modern jazz, pop and any modern strong sound.

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