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Few words from collegues and musicians to describe our collaborations. Thanks to everybody for your beautiful words.

quotes alex schultzYou have to know Gio is so much more than just a drummer. I have seen him transcribe horn parts while hearing a tune for the first time, and with no paper! We call that perfect pitch. His piano compositions reveal a deep soul and a very deep harmonic conception- so already we are not talking about a typical drummer ! And when he does sit down at the kit... then it's all about music- not just 'beats' or 'grooves' or 'time'. In drum solos, he's playing melody. I remember the singer Finis Tasby saying "at first I didn't think he was into it", peaking of our recording sessions, but then listening back, he realized how great the playing was. Bassist Larry Taylor loved Gio's playing. YOU WILL TOO !

quotes sugar ray norcia"I first met Gio in Gubbio,Italy where we recorded an album together with Maurizio Pugno. I immediately felt like we had been playing together for years. Gio has a big, powerful sound and a big heart as well! He plays with authority and also great passion. One of the best....anywhere ! "

quotes joey de francesco"Gio is a great drummer and a fantastic musician, giving the players all the support they need"

quotes mark du fresneGio Rossi is one of the best drummers that it has been my pleasure to work with. He combines a Jazzman's skill with a tremendous sensitivity for Blues and all other Types of Roots Music. Besides his fabulous technical skills, is the ability to listen to the entire ensemble and play only what is needed to make a song work. Another very rare quality is an unbelievable sense of humor and showmanship he combines with a musical skill that is indeed a rare and wonderous gift.


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