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tips buttonThis is a web site in Italian language, all about professionals in different fields, including music and teaching. You just put your personal page on line with your costs and prices. People will contact you for a quote.

tips buttonAnother agency from Estonia. Looks like they provide jobs for artists, dancers, musicians on ship cruises and also hotels. Just try

tips buttonThis is a web site that allows you to attend to auditions worldwide and/or get advised of some job opportunities. I guess you should pay few dollars a month and get an account. Not too bad. Just try.

tips buttonThis is a web site about teaching. Sounds like it's a french site, with many different versions. This is the italian version :   You can set an account and put on yourself as a teacher. I have a page concerning On Line Lessons. You can also translate your post in English (they can do it but it's just an automatic translation which I not suggest at all) and you can also buy some packages, so they can put your post at the top, getting more visitors and so on. This is my post, for example : 

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European maps of music festival. Jazz, Blues and various.

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