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Drums Lessons

Welcome to Gio Rossi's drums lessons!

There are many reasons for trying online lessons:

  • Your favorite teacher, unfortunately, lives too far.
  • You need to take a deeper look into a particular matter and (again) see point 1).
  • You feel more comfortable in the safety of your studio / room / home
  • It's raining.

In any case, thanks to technology, you can get excellent lessons just using a computer and an internet connection, saving time and money.

What can you learn by an online lesson?

Technically, there are no limits. whether you're a beginner or a professional drummer, we can share methods, drum exercises, videos, audio tracks, music charts and everything we need to do an excellent lesson. This is a list of the matter we can treat during a lesson:

  • reading music and developing of sight reading
  • developing of basic and advanced techniques
  • indipendence
  • music styles and grooves, including Jazz, Blues, Funk, New Orleans and Pop Music
  • How to play with a Big Band or a large ensemble
  • Discussing particular aspects of music history

TooLoopy channel

Need to take a look? TooLoopy channel offers an overview of what you can learn by Gio Rossi's lessons. I suggest to visit this link, and see if I'm the teacher you are looking for! TooLoopy channel

tooloopy channel

Skype, Zoom, Discord and so on..

There are many different platforms we can use for on line lessons. The good old Skype works just fine for drums lessons. As alternative there's also Zoom or Discord, which I actually use for Jazz Harmony lessons or Music Theory lessons. In any case, whatever is comfortable for you is fine. just take a look to the technical requirements, in order to get a proper setting

Setting up

Easy. On my side, I have professional microphones and cameras, so you will hear and see perfectly.
On your side, you should set a web cam (i.e. a Logitech) and a mic, connected with your computer by a simple audio interface.
If you don't have any, the standard web camera and mic of your computer are fine. just put your web cam (or your computer) behind your drum set. See the drawing below.

gio rossi on line lessons


Want to try? Please contact me by this email address. Feel free to explain your needs and your target. I'll read your email with pleasure.