Welcome to Gio Rossi’s online lessons!

There are many reasons for trying online lessons:

  • Your favorite teacher, unfortunately, lives too far.
  • You need to take a deeper look into a particular matter and (again) see point 1).
  • You feel more comfortable in the safety of your studio / room / home
  • It’s raining.

In any case, thanks to technology, you can get excellent lessons just using a computer and an internet connection, saving time and money.

What can you learn by an online lesson?

Technically, there are no limits. whether you’re a beginner or a professional drummer, we can share methods, drum exercises, videos, audio tracks, music charts and everything we need to do an excellent lesson. This is a list of the matter we can treat during a lesson:

  • reading music and developing of sight reading
  • developing of basic and advanced techniques
  • indipendence
  • music styles and grooves, including Jazz, Blues, Funk, New Orleans and Pop Music
  • How to play with a Big Band or a large ensemble
  • Discussing particular aspects of music history

Have a go ! It’s FREE !

You can try a 1 hour On Line lesson for free. Just follow this link and send a request. You’ll be contacted within 24hrs. We’ll set a date according with your (and mine) needs (for example time zone). You’ll also receive few simple instruction for setting up your devices.