In this page you’ll learn how a “on line lessons” works. It’s easy and doesn’t require a huge equipment. Let’s discover it !

First, the connection

You need a good a stable internet connection. A “home connection”  is normally enough. If you are trying to connect your device with a simple 3G connection, then it could be more problematic.

Your device.

A computer, with a web camera, or even a tablet. A simple smartphone could be too small, and you won’t see too much.

Headphones and mic

You might use headphones and the internal mic. I suggest a good quality product, cause you’ll need to hear me playing drums clearly.


If you don’t have Skype already installed on your device, you should download it, set an account (it’s free) and then get connected with my Skype name: giorossinews


We’ll have to spend some minutes to check if everything works properly. Just take account of this. Once we have reached a good setting up, then we can make a good lesson.

Ready ? Try a lesson for FREE !