Even if nowaday we there are plenty of methods and books about drums and drummers, some of the old classic book are still “mandatory”, if you want to develop good music skills. Here’s a brief list:

Jim Chapin

JC is basic book for whom is trying to develop basic skills about independence. Strongly recommended, but an experienced teacher is needed to avoid the most common mistakes.

Stick Control

The Bible for drummers. If you want to develop a good technique, rolls, paradiddles, press rolls, flams and so on. Once you have completed it, you should repeat the whole book at least once a year.

Dante Agostini: Solfège Rythmique 1,2,3,4

The perfect books for developing a good reading.

Dante Agostini: Solfège Syncopè

Same as above, but there are also some section about readings on the whole drum set. There are some arbitrary symbols which are actually uncomfortable and they don’t match the most common symbols currently in use.

Four Way coordination

Terrific method about independence. The section “harmonic coordination” is quite boring, apparently endless and leads students to depression, but the rest of the book is simply amazing.