Laura Fedele’s Story

Singer, pianist, songwriter, ┬áLaura Fedele has partecipated to many festivals in Italy and abroad, sharing the stage with world renowed stars such as Patty Smith and Dee Dee Bridgweater. She also collaborated with great artists such as Rob Sudduth, Scott Hamilton and Scott Barnarth, current Count Basie Orchestra’s conductor. She has been also invited in performing to the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans. Laura Fedele has recorded twelve album under her name, some of which had been recorded with the actual trio.

This trio is all about eclecticism. Jazz, blues, songs, and poetry are intertwined in a sort of theatrical play where Laura Fedele’s brilliant personality carries the audience through a fascinating imaginary world, where boundaries between music styles are not respected, not even imagined┬áby the three musicians. So, although the basic music texture of the show is built upon the Trio’s long-standing jazz background, yet a large and unexpected list of assorted authors and composers, such as Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Luigi Tenco, Nina Simone, find their proper place in the show, alongside a number of compelling original compositions.

This show isn’t based upon sheer instrumental prowess, and much less you’re going to face endless solos and all sorts of technical show-offs. It’s simply about music; it’s about the fascinating stories that Laura Fedele, Stefano Dall’Ora and Gio Rossi are going to tell you this evening.