New Book on line !

diari di bordo 2 gio rossiYes, the follow-up of my very first book, Diari di Bordo, has been finally published. You can find it on Amazon and receive it at home in few days. This time I tell about my experience working on different ships, visiting Hawaii, Mexico, the Baltic Sea, Russia and Antille. Hope you’ll find it enjoyable. Do not forget to leave a feedback on Amazon, ok? At the moment there’s only the Italian version. I’m working on an English version too.

Click here to buy the book.

Alaska !

Ok, another ship: Coral Princess ! This time we are heading to Alaska ! Good band on board and good music! We already went to Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and now we are sailing from Vancouver, which will be our home port for the next months. I’ll put some interesting pics on my FB account. Stay tuned !

‘You Mad” the Gio Rossi’s first solo album

Work in progress ! I’ve finally completed the recordings for my first solo album: You Mad. Surprisingly, it won’t be a jazz or blues album. It’s all about songs, no solos, no drums heroes, no guitar heroes and so on. Just songs, great sound and grooves. The album should be ready in few weeks. If you want to be updated, please join my newsletter.